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PIXLR Tutorial

LJ being as graphic savvy/oriented as it is, this may not even be necessary. However, should there be anyone who does not have a graphic program on their computer (aside from paint) or even just not that savvy with the program they have, this is for you. During this phase for the tag banners, we are not able to make banners for other people so it is up to ourselves. While this tutorial was made with the signature banner in mind, it can be applied to any graphic challenge we have during this phase at jjverse.

Your Resources
- A Screencap
- PIXLR Website (Yes, Online image editor!)
- Patience while you put up with my rambling :)


Step One: Browse your preferred resource and save a cap to your computer. For today's purpose we will be using this screencap. Head over to pixlr and click open image from computer. Select your image and then click Open.

For this example we will be making a sig banner so we have to keep the size limit "275x150" on mind.

Step Two: Go to Image >> Image Size. Make sure "Constrain Proportions" is checked. Because we know our width, I went ahead and input 275 and the height will auto-populate.


Because the height auto-populates to maintain aspect ratio, the height will need to be manually adjusted. Remember, the max height for the sig banner is 150. To zoom into your graphic so you can see it at it's current size, adjust the following.

Step Three: Go to Image >> Canvas Size. Input the height at 150 and set the anchor to the middle. This makes it so that it will remove a little from the top and a little from the bottom.


We now have our base! To be perfectly honest you're more than free to just add text to this and submit it and TADA you have 10 points and you can continue to just use a previous banner from a round. But, for tutorial sake, I'll walk you through how to pretty it up. Note: Something that completely slipped my mind is actually sharpening the darn thing. Right about now would be an alright time to sharpen your base if necessary. Filter >> Sharpen. Repeat if you believe necessary.

Step Four: Over on the right hand side where it says Layers, right click on your Background copy and choose Duplicate layer. While on the top most layer (the one you just duplcated), go to where the drop down menu is that currently says Normal and select Screen. If you notice no changes right away, click on the check box on the right of the layer and then click again.

You now have a brighter base! Depending on your original image you may need more, or one may be enough. I opted to brighten it just a tad more so I right clicked on the top most layer (the Screened one) and once again chose Duplicate layer.


The rest tbh is really you just tinkering it with it however much or little you'd like. To give you an idea I did the following:

- Adjusted the Levels with the following settings (as always, the numbers will vary depending on your image. Just play with it.) [SCREENCAP]
- ORANGE: Created a new layer (Layer >> New Layer).
- BLUE: Grabbed the brush tool, chose the following settings.
- RED: Chose a light color.
- PURPLE: I made a few random clicks on the image.
- GREEN: Set the layer to lighten.


Now you just add text and you are done!


Step Six: To save your image go to File >> Save and in the drop down menu choose .PNG (for best quality). [SCREENCAP]

Note: If you are using this program to make icons for an icon challenge, remember to keep note of the file size and that it stay below 40kbs.

That's it! You can now participate in any graphic challenge and we can continue to keep up with our awesome participation. If you'd like me to elaborate or walk you through anything else please do not hesitate to ask. All of this can be translated for icons or any other graphic challenge. I hope this helps!

ETA: If you need one-on-one help with this or your graphics program, my msn is niagrrlAThotmailDOTcom and aim is ucwidt and I'd be glad to walk you through anything!
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