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Describe yourself in three words: Beautiful. Dirty. Rich.

Name: Isa
Age: 20
Birthday: Oct 12
Location: Germany
Fandoms/Interests: DOCTOR WHO, HARRY POTTER, Big Bang Theory, Glee, reading, interwebsing, a bit of this and that
A little about yourself: I'm currently a university student (major is English Studies, minor is German Studies) although that might change in the near future. I love my family and friends and have recently decided to be more active in my fandoms (which actually only pertains to Harry Potter atm). I regularly spam my LJ with real-life-nonsense and whine about the unfairness of life and have regular bouts of "I wanna go hooooome" (so be warned!) but I'm usually in a happy mood. I frequent the Alias board over at and have been doing so for the past 3ish years. It's one of the first shows I got actually excited about (the other one was Gilmore Girls) and I still love it like I did all those years ago.
Describe yourself in three words: Bubbly. Lazy. Loving.
Anything else? Yeah, a bit clueless here atm but I am sure that will change. Also, I am having peyton07's baby and we will not have beloved Irina deliver it. Many thanks to both peyton07 and quiescent , who forced me to suggested I apply here.
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